What we do and how we do it

A complete series of seven videos showing the whole process from the beginning through to hand over to the decorators

It takes a lot of work to restore hundred year old windows. Our business demands a high level of expertise and in depth understanding of what's possible. We offer cost effective restoration of existing single glazed sash windows. We seek to protect the environment by using as much as possibleof what already exists. We conserve and preserve the heritage you own, rather than replace it. We bring original sashes up to full functionality and reduce draughts. Once we're done the windows work even better than when they were new.
In June 2016 the YouTube video producer Mitch Peacock followed us for a few days and took footage showing us restoring sets of sash windows in Eastbourne. Below is the complete series of the seven videos he produced showing lots of tips and tricks we use to get stunning results.