Retread a staircase in Eastbourne

Post date: Aug 28, 2017 9:10:18 AM

Thank you Jim we are still thrilled by your excellent job. I've written a little piece for your web site if you want to use it. I would like to recommend Jim Sear and his team of craftsmen. Their workmanship is superb, my finished stairs look as if the house was built around them rather than stairs of a later addition, with the added benefit of looking new. Jim and Serge re-built my ropey staircase which appeared to be made of wood and a superior cardboard into a fine looking, wooden set of stairs. Jim kept to budget and he actually underestimated the number of days it took to remodel the steps and used the remaining time, without being asked, to remedy some gaps in the floorboards, which I had had laid eight years earlier by another carpenter. The expert professional craftsmen worked nonstop and cleaned up beautifully every evening, I can't recommend them highly enough.Many thanks once again Pauline Eastbourne 28.08.2017