A damsel in distress

Post date: Jan 14, 2017 4:14:09 PM

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Thank you Jim and Serge!I'd just moved into my flat...

All good except that the following day I managed to lock myself out at 7.30am..in my dressing gown, dog in tow..

And not knowing a soul!! After seemingly frightening some passers by I approached Jim and Serge.

They gallantly hid their alarm/ suspicion ...did not lock the van doors or call the emergency services

They were so kind and amazing as to have helped me get into my flat, without any fuss, with total professionalism and not wanting a penny!

I gave them a jar of homemade compote..hopefully no poisoning occurred ...

And I went to work at the hospital happy in the knowledge that good folk still exist.

Thanks so much ! Sue, St Leonards