Some Eastbourne plumbers suck!

Post date: Feb 14, 2011 10:12:29 PM

I was up in three lofts today changing ballcock valves. Two of them were simple. Turn off the water, undo two nuts, change the valve, reconnect, turn on the water, check for leaks and function, job done. Nothing challenging about that is there? Ten minutes, and you're on your way. Normally that's the case. Simple job, simple transaction, everybody happy.

But not if one of THOSE tradesmen installed the cold water tank. You will seldom hear me talk badly of others - I don't like to do it. It's just that sometimes, just sometimes, I believe that the occasional tradesman(?) has an ignorant streak. Either that or they're just plain stupid. Imagine if you will, a 50's build house with classic timber cut pitched roof, a loft the size of a tennis court. An old, disconnected, galvanised cold water tank, lies empty and discarded to one side. At some time in the late 90's a plumber ( so the old lady home owner informs me) of, I believe, dubious parentage had installed a clean shiny black plastic cold water tank. So far so good. Now remember this loft is almost the size of a tennis court. Over in the corner, as tight under the rafters as is humanly possible, the tank has been installed. No real problem just strange. But now comes the crunch... It had been connected with all connections on the the roof line side. In order to get to the ballcock the tank had to be moved!!!!! Yes, in many lofts there is precious little room to move but in this one there was loads of space. It wasn't as if they had taken the shortest horizontal routes. There was no apparent logical reason to have done what they did. To me it seems as if it was just pure malice.

Ignorant, or stupid you decide.

Ignorance is man made and to be despised,

stupidity is God given and therefore no fault of their own.

I still don't know if they should be despised or pitied.

What do you think?

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