St Philips Church Eastbourne "Architect designed"

Post date: Feb 15, 2011 7:00:07 PM

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

This evening I had arranged to fit an outside light for a home owner. The old unit had given up the ghost.

The homeowner was an electronics researcher, who in daily life gave presentations at conferences on electronics, but freely admitted that he preferred not to handle screwdrivers if he could possibly avoid them.

It seemed somehow strange to fit a simple light for a research fellow in electronics,

but I've done many strange things in my life, so one more mildly surreal thing simply didn't faze me.

In the course of conversation we discovered that we both had a healthy disdain for "designers" and their apparent lack of common sense.

It takes just as long to design something badly, as it does to design it well,

so why is it that so many designers (and architects) design things so poorly?

If you want to see what I consider a prime example of ghastly design go down to the corner of Whitley Road and St Philips Avenue. There you will see a large building (St Philip's Church of England church) that is "architect designed". How could anybody associate themselves with such a miserable confection - unless of course they wanted to become known for poor quality prison punishment block design? It is, at best, an eyesore - but I suspect it is probably feted throughout the designer community, as what can be readily achieved with the right level of complete disregard for one's own self respect.