On my knees again --- Laying laminate flooring

Post date: Feb 14, 2011 9:36:01 PM

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Last Friday I paid a visit to a house in Stone Cross. The couple had bought some stick-on tiles and wanted me to lay them in the en-suite. I suggested to them that the tiles might not be in keeping with the quality of the rest of the house! Yes , I know what you're thinking... I should have kept my nose out of it and just done the job. The trouble is, I like quality, and to be honest, cheap vinyl tiles are very practical in a utility area, but no matter what the surroundings, always look like cheap vinyl tiles. I made the suggestion that in such a small area (3' x 9') laminate flooring might look better. Yes, it would cost more, and yes, it would take me longer to do, but the cost of doing it right, once, would be significantly cheaper than living with a bad descion, that would need to be put right very quickly!

The en-suite was the lady's boudoir, and I don't know any lady who wants to have a cheap boudoir. In an instant I was now going to be laying laminate not vinyl tiles. As we were about to go down stairs, the man decided we might as well do the main bathroom too. No problem, said I. We arranged to meet on Monday at the supplier to pick up the flooring. By now we are in the entrance hall, and I was saying goodbye when the subject of the downstairs cloakroom was raised, and now three rooms were to be floored. and so I went on my way. Monday, came and I spent the day on my knees laying flooring in the three rooms. But wait, it doesn't end there... Before I had finished laying the first room, the couple had decided that they would have the hallway done as well. Cutting in at doorways takes a good bit of time, and so this "No job too small" turned into two days on my hands and knees.

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