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Thursday, 1 March 2007

The morning started of well. I went to a house in Langney. I walked in the door, the lady pressed money into my hand and told me to go and spend it. I like to please, and so without further ado off I went. She wanted a face lift - I told her she didn't need it - but she insisted she did. Her kitchen was only a couple of years old, but she didn't like what she had inherited from the previous owners. White and shiny she said. So white and shiny she got. Replacing doors on a kitchen is generally simple. Draw fronts can be a little trickier. But the main advantages of revitalising a kitchen that way is the speed of change, the minimal disruption, and the reduced labour charges. It was like a before and after makeover programme on television. All done in a morning. Luckily she liked the worktops, so they stayed. That would have been a different game. The lady was happy with her face lift and by half past one I was on my way to the next job.

This afternoon I made a set of saloon style doors to separate a kitchen area from the dining area. The doors were cut from a single sheet of 25mm MDF then a pattern was routered into them to make them look the part. Ian at AlsfordTimber sourced the double action spring hinges for me and a couple of hours later the job was done. The client was delighted, and friends of theirs who saw the doors in action made all the right "oohs" and "ahs" that makes a boy like me happy.

By late afternoon I was starting to flag but I still had to get to my next customer. An electric shower swap. Like for like. If that were the case I would be heading home within the hour. But it was not to be. For reasons I don't understand, you can get an electric shower from the same maker, the same model, with the same output, and the same outward appearance, and yet the internals are in completely different places. This one needed to be re-plumbed. The inlet was on the other side, and the shower rail was longer. Instead of getting home for seven I managed to crawlthrough the door about eight. But the day was not over yet. The messages needed to be answered, and the paperwork done. By nine I was finished. It's great working for yourself.

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