Jet Skis, Handrails, and Door Closers

Post date: Feb 15, 2011 9:39:03 AM

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Well after the last post, lets get back to the real world.

I had a nice light day today. Fit an electric shower, put up two handrails in a very steep stairwell, install an automatic door closer, and put up a couple of floodlights. All in a days work. The installation of the shower was almost a carbon copy of the last shower I put in yesterday. Same issue, different house. Why?

My second call of the day was to a great lady who seemed to have similar ideas about kids as me. It's not the children who are to blame for poor schooling or discipline, it's the parents. The teachers have the responsibility for the kids for 40 hours a week max. Parents have them for 128 hours a week. I'm lousy at maths, but common sense tells me, simply by looking at the ratios of time, the fault MUST lie with the parents. Here's a quote I saw somewhere -- "What we do to kids now, they will do to society later". (Whoops, I'm on my soap box again. Sorry!) Where was I? Oh yes! Putting up lights. I had three sets of lights to put up, and was given three cups of tea -now that's what I call a GOOD ratio. I asked why she needed so much light and she said she needed it for her jet ski - ask a simple question, you'll get a simple answer.

A pig's ear handrail ( that's not a moan - it's called a pigs ear because in profile it resembles a pig's ear.) is a doddle to put up. The most difficult bit was manoeuvring a 4 metre long pole into a narrow stairwell at the end of a room filled with bone china, glasses, and other highly breakables. It only took about an hour to install them both, but now it has made going up and down a cellar stairwell much safer. I should be in line for a halo soon!!!!!!

The door closer finished off the week. This weekend we've got family over from France and I need to have a chat with my son in Germany. Oh yes, we're very EUropean in our household.

Can't get over the Jet Skis.

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