Internal doors come in all shapes and sizes

Post date: Feb 7, 2011 9:50:16 PM

Thursday, 25 January 2007 Internal doors come in all shapes and sizesInternal doors come in a variety of sizes. If you have a post 50's house, as a very rough rule of thumb, Height-wise there are likely to be a couple of options 78" or 80" Width-wise there are too many to mention. If your internal door frames are over 78" high you will probably be looking for "metric" door replacements. If you have "metric" height frames and are about to buy replacement doors, you should probably go straight to a building supplier, rather than one of the superstores. Why? Because the timber merchants will probably have them in stock - the superstores probably won't!In this line of work I meet some very interesting people. The lady I worked for today was a real hoot. She is in her early forties and had lived in Malawi for many years and had lived through the transitions of governments, and seen the effects on people and country. She was bright, funny, and forthright. She helped build my "brain cells of recognition"and I now know more about Malawi than I thought I needed to know. Anyway the reason that I tell you all this is that this lady needed internal doors. She had bought an imperial door and had added bits to make it fit a metric frame, because she couldn't find the proper sized doors in any of the "pile' em high and sell 'em cheap" superstores. The door worked perfectly well - but it looked what it was - screwed up! Never mind the quality, feel the width! So today we went to the proper suppliers and got the right door sizes off the shelf. A couple of hours later the job was done, and I had another satisfied customer.