How to build a deck 2

Post date: Feb 15, 2011 8:40:08 PM

It ended up 7m x 7m. That's quite a large deck!For one man on his own (me) it was more than enough to do.I loved doing it, and the client has been great to work for.This was a box of tea bags job, and Matt made sure I never went without a cup of tea.The next stage will be to build planters and seating to take the place of the temporary balustrade.

With two young toddlers running about, we concluded that an open deck could prove too exciting. I put the balustrade up and within milliseconds the older toddler was climbing up on top of the rails and dangling into space. Sometimes you just can't win!

One thing that has caught me by surprise is how the cost of treated wood is shooting up at the moment.

It means large decks cost a lot more this season than they did last season - considerably more. It's not the labour charges (mine have remained the same) but the material costs that have increased dramatically. This particular deck took 50 metres of Plantex ground covering; 350 metres of decking boards; and 1500 screws - which is a lot of screwing. It's been huge fun to do, and I'm already looking forward to the next stage.

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