Power shower

Post date: Feb 16, 2011 4:20:36 PM

Sunday, 31 January 2010

My customer had just moved into her new flat and had a problem with her shower -- it didn't work.Well that's not strictly true. It did work. Just not well enough.

It took ages to shower and there was simply not enough flow.

She wanted a strong shower and at reasonable cost.

After a bit of research we decided that I should fit the 'Vigour' model from Mira, supplied by Plumbase in Eastbourne. I use Plumbase whenever possible.

All of the guys are always friendly and helpful.

Fitting Mira products is generally a breeze, and this one was no exception.

Getting to the hot and cold feeds under the bath proved to be more like an exercise in yoga.

During installation I grazed my knuckles a couple of times, but apart from that it all went smoothly.

When the unit was commissioned later that day,

Janice was delighted with the surprisingly variable high powered shower.

It cost a little bit more than the cheap models that are available,

but the difference in output and looks more than cover the small extra outlay.

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