Cooker cupboard conversion

Post date: Feb 15, 2011 10:57:25 PM

Saturday !st September 2007

A good friend of mine, Zena Parker, is 80+ and makes the most delicious rock cakes - perhaps that's why we're friends - because I like to eat delicious rock cakes. In fact I like to eat anything sweet!

For over twenty five years she has used the same oven to make her cakes buns and biscuits. The oven has, like Zena, grown weary, but had to date not once given up. Now the cooker has been retired and a lighter brighter smaller cooker has taken its place. Zena bought a Baby Belling. My first thought on hearing this was - no more rock cakes (Yes, I know, I can be quite selfish)! My second thought was where is she going to put it? Then I realised that was why she was calling.

She had a plan - and at first - it seemed a good plan. Take the old cooker out and make a low cupboard to sit the Baby on. "Yes" I said with my best can do voice. "I'll be around in a couple of minutes". When I arrived I went into the kitchen and knew straight away we were going to have a problem. The old cooker is at least 10x bigger than the new cooker, but, and it is a very big BUT, old cooker 56cm wide, new cooker 58cm wide. In a fitted kitchen that's a problem.

After a couple of minutes of perplexed looks trying to explain that the new midget cooker was too big to go in the hole, the lights slowly went on. We (I) would have to cut down cupboards to make more room for the baby cooker. And so I did.

The baby cooker is 58cm wide, but the hole has to be no less than 63cm wide to comply with manufacturer's instructions.

Below you can see the solution.

It's amazing what can be done with a bit of MDF.

Click on the pictures to see them large!

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