Built in Wardrobes

Post date: Feb 16, 2011 4:32:37 PM

I'm working up in the Meads all this week. It's a substantial property close to where Shackelton once lived. The rooms are large, and the alcoves either side of the chimney-breast in the bedroom are in need of wardrobes.

I've been building the internals.

Where once bare walls were, now stands the outline of the first wardrobe.

Long hanging for Ball Gowns are catered for,

as is hanging space for blouses, jackets and skirts and trews.

Four large drawers and ample shelving will make this a good sized wardrobe.

The second (right-hand) "internals" for the wardrobes went up this morning.

building the drawers was time consuming (drawers always are).

As you can see from the picture one set has four drawers the other has three.

The cabling for the Blue-Ray and the Satellite receiver is linked through the chimney breast to the TV and had to be routed through channels in the wardrobe sidings so that the minimum of cable will be visible.

It all takes time, but we'll get there.

The woodwork is finished...

The customer has chosen Tom Ware Painters from Bexhill to finish the wardrobes in Satinwood white.

I've really enjoyed doing this job. I can hardly wait to see the finished result.