Build me a rabbit hutch run !

Post date: Feb 14, 2011 10:31:28 PM

The lady was not for turning!

"It'll be cheaper to buy a ready made one" I said.

"I can't get one the size and quality I'm looking for" she said.

"OK" I said "I'll build you one that will last a very long time".

What's the lifespan of a rabbit?

Rabbits kept indoors with proper care can expect to live between 9-12 years.

Unfortunately, rabbits kept in backyard hutches have less than half the average lifespan of a house rabbit.

That's one of the reasons the House Rabbit Society strongly urges you to house your rabbit indoors.

This rabbit, is house trained, and is only outside in dry warm weather.

It's the size of a small horse, incredibly friendly,

it's pampered and no expense is spared.

This rabbit is likely to live a long time!

I've never built a rabbit run before.

Because I've never done it before, sourcing the mesh seemed a bit of a problem.

I did the usual rounds of the superstores but was met with shrugs and dunnos (I can't believe I expected to find what I was looking for there). Chicken wire was everywhere, but this mini horse can eat chicken wire. Garden wire fencing rolls looked dreadful and even this buck would pass straight through that mesh.

Builders merchants, tongue in cheek (I think), suggested reinforcing matting.

I thought of going to an agricultural supplier. I was starting to flounder.

Go to my mates at Alsford Timber I thought. They'll know. Well, I needed timber anyway, so off I went.

"Phil, my good man" I cried "Where can I get some heavy duty meshing that can stop a tank"

I asked. Phil scratched his head, let out a big sigh, humphed a bit, sniffed, scratched the other end, and then the lights went on. "Try Cavendish Iron Workers" he mused. "If they don't do it -they'll know where to get it he beamed". "Phil, I could kiss you" I said.

"Steady" said Phil.

Cavendish Iron Workers is at Unit 12, Birch Road. (Tel: 01323 730 523).

Its tucked away at the far corner of the industrial units. Dark and interesting as only an iron works can be. They could not have been more helpful (Moral: Save time. ALWAYS go to the professionals, NOT the superstores. They know what they're talking about and they're cheaper in the long run.) After a couple of minutes my prayers were answered. I now had mesh on order and wood in the van.

After a couple of hours the result was a rabbit run fit for a horse. See pictures. Let's see him gnaw his way out of that one!

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