Get rid of an air lock, a simple methodology

Post date: Feb 16, 2011 4:28:45 PM


In these troubled times I'm pleased to be busy - lots of people are having a very hard time of it at the moment. It helps that many of my customers use me on a regular basis and continue to recommend me to their friends to do those 'no job to small' jobs. As the lady on the telly says 'every little helps'.Some jobs take literally five minutes or less. I've lost count of the number of light bulbs I've changed for people who can no longer do it. The funny thing is that when you do that sort of thing, people remember, and then they call you back again and again to do jobs that actually pay! My mother used to say "it costs nothing to be nice to others and it will bring rewards", and over the years I've tried, sometimes successfully, to follow her advice.

A case in point. Some time ago I was called to a house in Kilpatrick Close in Eastbourne. The basin hot tap would run for a short while and then just peter out. "New tap washers" the lady said. "No" said I "its an airlock".

Less than five minutes later I was done and on my way. Since then I've been back to the house several times to do other 'proper' jobs. Little things lead to greater things.

For all those reading this, sometimes, there is a simple way to get rid of an airlock.

It doesn't always work, but in this instance, it worked almost instantly.

Here's how.

Turn the offending tap on.

Go down stairs to the kitchen.

If the kitchen sink has a monobloc tap, hold your hand very firmly over the outlet so that water can't get out. Keeping your hand tight over the spout turn on the hot tap. Now turn on the cold tap. The mains pressure water forces its way back up through the hot water system and expunges the air as it does. Let it force its way through for a minute or so and Hey Presto air lock will be gone.

As I said, it doesn't always work, and then only on certain types of system.

PS if you don't get it right you can get very wet!

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