Restorative Carpentry

Sash windows repaired, renovated, restored

Sashes freed where painted shut Broken sash cords replaced Sashes eased and rebalanced for smooth operation Rotten wood repaired Draught proofing that doesn't cost a fortune!
Hello and welcomeI'm Jim, and this is the home page of RWJ Sear Restorative CarpentryYou've probably come to this page because you need some help or advice. Am I right? If so,...I'm about to make a bold statement....Here's the bold statement"If it's in wood, the answer is Yes!... I can save it!"Whatever the problem, I will have a solution!
We are the primary sash window repair service in East Sussex
We offer cost effective restoration of existing single glazed sash windows
We seek to protect the environment by using as much as possible of what already exists. Rather than replace it, we seek to conserve and preserve.
We bring original sashes up to full functionality and reduce draughts, noise ingress, and rattles bringing your windows up toward modern standards
Our business demands a high level of expertise and in depth understanding of what is possible.
We always offer what we consider is best advice

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If you'd like to watch the whole process of restoring a sash window CLICK HERE
There is huge value and large cost savings to be gained by maintaining windows that are original to your home. With proper restoration, your original windows will be, beautiful to look at, and a joy to use.
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