I've called upon Jim many times to fix things.

posted Feb 6, 2011, 11:15 AM by Jim Sear
Jim'll Fix It -- no truer word has ever been spoken!
I live in a converted  2-bed flat in Eastbourne, and having two left hands I've called upon Jim many times to fix things. 
"No job too small" is his motto, and that has been so true. 
Jim has fixed ceiling lights, put up shelves, hidden an unsightly boiler with a cabinet to match the rest of the kitchen, done the coving in the kitchen, and even fixed my laptop!   All very quickly and to a reasonable price. 
He's always cheerful and helpful, and if the job is requires a specialist -- for instance, complicated electric works -- he knows someone who can do it. 
I would recommend him in an instant! 
Sharon Muench (Maas) /  Enys Road, Eastbourne

Author Sharon Maas