The Claremont Project

Here's a little music to accompany you whist you browse the page. It's taken from Beethoven - Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125

Most sash windows, these included, have lived through two world wars and many many decades of neglect.
But no matter how bad your traditional sash windows are, they CAN be brought back to life.
Have a look at the slideshow and see what can be achieved.
With ongoing maintenance they can last another 100 years.
They are truly worth preserving 

Below are some unedited images in no particular order from this ongoing project
Claremont, Hastings, Sash window repairs, Restorative carpentry,                  

Beethoven - Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125 - III. Adagio molto e Contabil.mp3
Jim Sear,
Aug 5, 2015, 3:09 PM