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Built in wardrobes

posted Mar 6, 2011, 4:19 AM by Jim Sear   [ updated Mar 10, 2011, 2:46 PM ]

Start with a blank canvas (left image).Build the core (middle image). Fill out the sides(right image).

This week was a very full week. It began, as you would expect, on Monday morning. The remit was to build a wardrobe's internals and include full height sliding mirror doors. I only work for nice people - and this customer is a superstar. It was a real pleasure to work with the customer. 
The unit is made of MDF with Polar lipping applied to all exposed edges. The chimney breast is wrapped in shelving and a dressing table area. Both alcove spaces are fitted with rails for single and double hanging. The top of the unit is one long shelf that is able to take a huge amount of "stuff". The internals were done on the Monday, and the mirror sliding doors were to be hung the next day ---  unfortunately  --- the doors didn't arrive from the suppliers until very late in the afternoon. That meant that the job extended into Wednesday. 
While waiting for the doors to arrive I was able to sort out the front door which was inoperable. The lock was broken and the door was swollen shut. Changing the night latch was the work of a couple of minutes. It took about an hour to get the door fitting properly again, but now it opens and shuts as it should do. 
The mirrored sliding doors and surround were fitted Wednesday morning, and handover was completed by 12.
I'm going back to take a couple of photos of the finished room next week to update this post. So look back next week to see the finished article.

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